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Terra Site Constructors, LLC (TSC) is excited to announce that we recently completed a number of diverse, large-scale projects. The successful completion of these endeavors marks a key milestone for the Terra Team since our launch in 2013.

TSC has recently been awarded a number of similar projects in the mid-Atlantic region and we continue to expand our work-force and equipment fleet to support our ever-growing client base.

The entire Terra Team enjoyed working with our client partners at Industrial Turn Around Corporation (ITAC), Corman Construction, and EJ Wade Construction on their respective projects.

This blog post includes a summary of our recently completed projects for your review:

  • Installation of a Post and Panel Perimeter Wall at Brambleton Dominion Substation
  • Installation of a Pre-Cast Arch Bridge for Creighton Road Improvements
  • Installation of Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls at Fall Hill Avenue Widening

Brambleton Dominion Substation

Title: Dominion – Brambleton Substation Perimeter Wall
Location: Brambleton, Virginia
Owner: Dominion Power Virginia
Client: ITAC
Project Synopsis: Terra Site Construction (TSC) provided Materials, labor, equipment, supervision, hoisting, scaffolding, tools, supplies and incidentals to fully install a Post and Panel Screen Wall.
Purpose/Challenges: Provide a security wall enclosure around a major Dominion Power substation to provide a secure perimeter which is electrically neutral. Work was completed using the most stringent safety protocols, standards, and procedures.
Solutions: ITAC Engineering enlisted the services of Terra Site Constructors, LLC to install:

  • 18,000+ square feet of Architectural-Finish Precast Concrete Wall Panels
  • 2,000 Linear Feet of Pre-Stressed Concrete Posts
  • 1,200 Linear Feet of Anti-Dig Barrier
Services Provided:
  • Installed One Screen Wall which included Concrete Post and Panels and Labor, Supervision, Equipment and Incidentals
  • Drilled and installed reinforced concrete 42″ diameter caissons with rock sockets
  • Provided increased limits of Liability, Workers Compensation and Automobile insurance to meet the project requirements
  • Met the increased Safety requirements per project specifications

Creighton Road

Title: Creighton Road Improvements
Location: Henrico, Virginia
Owner: County of Henrico, Virginia
Client: EJ Wade Construction
Engineer: AECOM
Project Synopsis: Terra Site Constructors (TSC) installed one Precast Arch Segment (approximately 120 LF) which included Arch Headwalls and Wing walls.
Services Provided:
  • Precast Arch Design
  • Equipment, Labor
  • Supervision
  • Incidentals
  • Installed Precast Arch with Concrete footings

Fall Hill Avenue

Title: Fall Hill Ave. Widening & Mary Washington Blvd Extension
Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia
Owner: The Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Transportation
Client: Corman Construction, Inc.
Project Synopsis: Terra Site Constructors partnered with Corman Construction, Inc. to build two MSE Abutments with Wire-Faced MSE Temporary Walls and One Stand-Alone MSE Wall. Terra Site Constructors provided:

  • MSE Wall design and materials
  • Select Backfill, Labor, Equipment, Supervision
  • Design, Supply and Installation of Precast Coping and C.I.P Coping
Project Start Date: June 2015
Project Completion Date: August 2016
Purpose/Challenges: The existing two lane overpass of Fall Hill Avenue that runs over I-95 needed to be widened to four lanes. MSE abutments, constructed in two phases were needed to complete this work.The first phase consisted of constructing a new two lane bridge with MSE abutments just south of the existing two lane bridge. Once completed, the existing bridge was demolished to make way for the second half of the new bridge, also supported by two new MSE abutments.
Solutions: To enable the new bridge to be constructed in two phases, a temporary wire faced MSE wire wall was required to be built perpendicular to the face of each Abutment at the center line of the new bridge structure.
Services Provided:
  • MSE Abutment (two phases) and one Stand Alone MSE Wall including Leveling Pads
  • MSE Wire Faced Temporary Walls at each Abutment
  • Precast Coping on MSE Abutments and Wall, including Leveling Concrete on top of Walls
  • Placed and compacted #57 Backfill material required for the MSE Wall and Abutments
  • Materials, Labor, Supervision, Equipment and Incidentals to install Cast-in-Place Coping on top of MSE Wall
  • MSE Wall including #57 backfill & Leveling Pads
  • MSE Wire Faced Temporary Wall
  • Precast Coping Installation including Leveling Concrete
  • CIP Coping on MSE Wall
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